Jim Kirk

Captain James Tiberius Kirk is the captain of the NCC 1701 starship Enterprise, a ship of the United Federation of Planets

USS KelvinEdit

James Kirk was born in space fleeing the doomed vessel USS Kelvin, captained by his father George Kirk. The Kelvin was attacked by a then unknown ship with advanced technology, during which Captain Robau was killed and young Mr. Kirk became Captain for approximately 12 minutes before he was forced to ram the Kelvin into the enemy to allow the escape of the crew. James was born seconds before his father's demise where he remained in mother Winona's arms when the Kelvin was destroyed.


Winona returned to Iowa where she eventually remarried but unfortunately, the lack of a strong male presence in his life, made Jim somewhat of a delinquent. He would have most likely wound up incarcerated if not for a chance meeting with Captain Christopher Pike, who had served on the Kelvin and tossed Jim a gauntlet by challenging him to join Starfleet.

As Pike quotes "Your father was Captain for 12 minutes and saved 800 lives. I dare you to do better."


Jim joined Starfleet where he met Leonard Bones McCoy and both became fast friends for the next three years. During command training, Kirk confronted the Kobayashi Maru scenario, a simulation used to evaluate a student's reactions to a "no-win" battle and rescue situation. Kirk refused to accept his first two defeats. Before his third attempt, Kirk secretly reprogrammed the simulation computer, consequently becoming the only cadet in Academy history to beat the "no-win" scenario, and earning censure when he was reported by its programmer, Commander Spock for cheating. It was at this time however, the advanced ship that had destroyed the Kelvin had reappeared and was unroute to Vulcan.

Nero and the EnterpriseEdit

With all line ships in the Laurentian system, Starfleet sent a fleet peopled by experienced captains and cadets. Due to his academic reprimand, Jim would have been left behind if it were not for Bones' timely intervention. Once onboard Enterprise, Jim's discovery that Vulcan was under attack and not suffering a planetary catastrophe caused Pike to elevate him to First Officer. During the confrontation with the war criminal Nero who destroyed Vulcan, Jim was able to wrestle command from an emotionally compromised Spock. His actions allowed the destruction of Nero's ship and the plan to destroy every Federation planet, the rescue of Captain Pike and the survival of Earth. For this Jim was given the unprecedented move of keeping his command and the Enterprise.


There is a stubborness in James Kirk's nature that is a large part of his success. A man who believes in going where angels feared to thread, Jim does not believe that anything is impossible. His reaction to the no win situation is an example of this . He is willing to risk his life for causes he deems just. His confidence in his righteousness sometimes led him to creatively interpret, and outright disobey, his orders. He also has remarkable success with the opposite sex and is not above using this talent when necessary. He is fiercely protective of the people he cares about and values friendships above all else.

Loyal as well as possessing remarkable resilience, Kirk is a born leader.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 6'1
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing marks? None
Age: 26
Place of Birth: Iowa
Race/ Species: Human


  • Father - George (deceased)
  • Mother - Winona


  • English
  • Andorian
  • Nausicaan (just the curse words)

Starfleet BackgroundEdit

Rank: Captain
Position: Captain
Assignment: USS. Enterprise
Qualifications: Starfleet Academy Graduate


  • Starfleet Medal of Honor

Previous Assignments:

  • USS Enterprise - First Officer

Played by Scribe