Commander Spock is the First Officer and Chief Science Officer of the United Federation starship NCC-1701 Enterprise. He is a native of the planet Vulcan.

Early historyEdit

Spock was born on the planet Vulcan. His father, Sarek, is the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. His mother, Amanda Grayson, was human. This hybrid pairing caused Spock a great deal of difficulty in his youth. Spock was constantly harassed about his half-human side, and on one occasion, lost emotional control and violently attacked one of his harassers.

After completion of basic training, Spock applied for both the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet Academy. He also considered the completion of the Kolinahr, the ritual purging of all vestigial emotions. While Spock was admitted into the Vulcan Science Academy, he declined the invitation after it was implied that his admission was "commendable" due to his "disadvantage" of being half-human.


Spock entered Starfleet Academy, and became one of its most distinguished graduates. Four years later, he had achieved the rank of Commander, and was an instructor at the Academy. In 2254, Spock first programmed the final Starfleet Academy test - the Kobayashi Maru. Infamous for being a "no-win" situation, the intent was to show cadets to experience fear in the face of death, and by confronting it, develop the skills needed to command a ship. James Kirk introduced a subroutine which allowed him to beat the test (albeit by cheating). When Spock accused him of this, the pair faced in open court.

Nero and the EnterpriseEdit

When a distress call was received from Vulcan, Spock was assigned to the USS Enterprise as First Officer to Captain Christopher Pike. En route to Vulcan, Spock and Kirk clashed yet again, this time due to the fact that Kirk should not have been on board. Kirk argued that the Enterprise was walking into an ambush, and Spock (seeing the logic in his argument) agreed. Upon arrival at Vulcan, they found the remainder of the Starfleet armada destroyed. Contact was made with the Romulan ship Narada. The Romulan Captain Nero appeared to know Spock, even though Spock had never seen him before. When Captain Pike was ordered to the Narada, he left Spock as Acting Captain of the Enterprise.

After Pike beamed over and the Romulan drill beam was disabled, the Romulans launched the red matter into the core of Vulcan. Beaming down to the planet, Spock managed to rescue a majority of the Vulcan Council. Unfortunately, one of the casualties was his mother. She and over six billion Vulcans died in the resulting catastrophe.

Spock made the decision to join the rest of the fleet at the Laurentian System. When Kirk disagreed with the decision, Spock applied the Vulcan neck pinch, rendering him unconscious. Kirk was then placed in an escape pod and jettisoned near Delta Vega. Despite misgivings from Doctor McCoy, Spock carried out this decision, although he commended McCoy due to his apparent loyalties to Kirk.

A true surprise awaited Spock when Kirk and Montgomery Scott beamed onto the Enterprise, despite the fact that the ship was moving at high warp speed. A confrontation between Spock and Kirk took place on the bridge, where Kirk managed to initiate an emotional response from Spock. It resulted in Kirk taking a vicious beating from Spock. When Spock realized that he had lost emotional control, he immediately stepped down as Acting Captain. He received consolation from both Nyota Uhura and his father.

Returning to the bridge, Spock endorsed Ensign Chekov's plan to hide the ship behind Saturn. He and Kirk beamed onto the Narada, in an attempt to rescue Captain Pike and destroy the vessel. After a brief phaser battle with the Romulans, Spock and Kirk located the Jellyfish (Spock's future self's vessel). The computer recognized Spock, and he took command of the ship. After attacking the Narada from the inside, Spock entered the Earth's atmosphere and disabled the drill platform. He then warped to another part of the galaxy, with the Narada in pursuit. He set the Jellyfish for a collision with the Romulan vessel. Spock was beamed off the Jellyfish, and it collided with the Romulan ship. Despite an offer for aid, the Romulans chose to die.

Back on Earth, Spock finally met his alternate-future self. Spock had been considering resigning his Starfleet post and helping rebuild Vulcan. Future-Spock convinced him to stay...and also to develop his friendship with James Kirk. Taking his own advice, Spock agreed...and remained as First Officer to Captain James T. Kirk aboard the Enterprise.


Spock is a being ruled by logic. He is intelligent and methodical...perhaps overly so. He strives to live without emotion...but being half-human, he occasionally succumbs to his emotional side. He can be dryly humorous, although it is never by intention. He is loyal to friends and his duty to Starfleet. While Spock often works within the rules, he does recognize that (on occasion) the rules are meant to be broken. He often states his intelligence, never as an affront to others...merely because he is exceptionally smart (in his mind, he is merely stating a fact).

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 6'2

Hair: Black (very short cut)

Eyes: Hazel

Age: 26

Distinguishing Marks: As a Vulcan, Spock has pointed ears.

Place Of Birth - Shi'Kahr, Vulcan

Species - Half-human/half-Vulcan


  • Father - Sarek
  • Mother - Amanda Grayson (deceased)
  • Half-Brother - Sybok

Languages: Too numerous to list

Starfleet Background:Edit

Rank: Commander

Position: First Officer, Chief Science Officer

Assignment: USS Enterprise NCC-1701


  • Starfleet Academy Graduate (2254)
  • Expertise in computer programming, science, advanced phonology, and interspecies ethics


Grandmaster of the Federation Three-Dimensional Chess Organization

Previous AssignmentsEdit

  • Starfleet Academy (instructor)
  • USS Enterprise (Acting Captain, First Officer)

Played by Darrin

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