Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy is the Chief Medical Officer of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.

Early HistoryEdit

The oldest of two children and the on son of career doctors, David and Adeline McCoy, Leonard was born on the Biloxi coast. He spent childhood with his toes in the sand, swimming in the ocean and otherwise enjoying the attention of a tight-knit, southern family. He took older brother duties seriously, watching over his baby sister with a soul older than his years. From an early age, medicine was his thing and with that intelligence, his parents knew their boy would go far. Even as a teenager, he was driven, helping in his father's clinic, in the local volunteer fire department along with studying and working many hours to gain experience that he otherwise wouldn't have.
When Leonard was twelve and his sister, Lisa was ten, David and Adeline moved the family back Kentucky, to David's roots. Living on his grandfather's farm, Leonard learned about life and love and all the things Southerners take pride in. Family, manners, and food, though not necessarily in that order.

Medical SchoolEdit

Excelling through school, Leonard graduated a year early, making college six weeks shy of his eighteenth birthday. Accepted to the University of Mississippi, his parents and generations of McCoy's long gone to graves were proud as peacocks.

Deep in the South, college came and went. Med School was next and again, Leonard stayed in the south. Where men were gentlemen and women were vicious life-sucking black holes of venom and meanness.


Jocelyn Wentworth. Of the Mobile Wentworths.

From the day she sauntered into Leonard McCoy's life, his life was hell. Not that he realized it, smitten like he was with the young med student. Not even when his mother told him to keep that damn Alabama snake out of her house.

Convinced they just didn't know her like he did; Leonard grew distant from his family. All sugar and sweets to him, Jocelyn was his world. He never realized that she had her sights set on green, as in money green. She was in med school for a reason. Find a husband and live the high life. Little did she realize that Leonard McCoy was a man of substance and preferred to work in the back sticks of Nowhere. She didn't marry him for him to spend all his time in the sticks, nursing the white trash and getting paid with chickens!

Wanting to appease her, Leonard adjusted. He joined the country club, purchased golf clubs and moved to a prestigious medical practice. For a while it worked. She was happy and Leonard convinced himself that he was. This was the life. Fancy house, lots of nice things, beautiful wife who loved him.

Right. The day he realized this was all a front was the day he caught her in bed with her golf instructor. By what he overheard, it was a long running affair that had gone on under 'that dumb hick's nose' for some time. Devastated, Leonard had burst in on them. In the ensuing fight, he'd beat the other man senseless.

Because of that, she got everything. The fabled 'whole damn planet' due to his 'violent overreaction'. His ass, he was over reacting.


Going home, it was only worse. His mother kept trying to fix him up with nice southern girls and his father tried to take him up to the hospital. Get back to work, back on that horse, son. Screw the horses. Leonard wanted to die and promptly crawled into a bottle to do so, where the shame and humiliation and Jocelyn's final words echoed over and over when the alcohol didn't drown them out.

That was when his granddaddy had come over. The old man had come in, sat down and remained silent for a good five minutes, hands steepled together like always. When he opened his mouth, it was to side with his grandson, the child he got along with so well and the man he knew him to be. For such a brilliant surgeon, whose pioneered techniques saved lives every day, he was more than this. More than the apparent sum of his parts.


That afternoon, Leonard got on with his life. Mostly. Scruffy and unshowered, he made his way to the Starfleet Recruiting Depot, argued himself into getting threatened by the stewardess and promptly told a younger blond man that he might throw up on him as he sat down.

The rest - is history.


Leonard McCoy is an excellent healer with genuine compassion for his fellow men. He feels things deeply but covers his emotions under a veneer of gruff, irritability. Loyal to his friends and more empathic than he likes to show. Leonard's self worth has been shaken due to the failure of his relationship with his wife and thus finds it hard to trust for fear of getting similarly hurt. That said, he rewards friendship with loyalty and has no problem breaking the rules to save the life of a patient, psychically or emotionally.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Age: 33

Distinguishing marks? None

Place of Birth: Biloxi, MS (by way of Tennessee and Kentucky)

Race/ Species: Human (on good days)


Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Assignment: USS Enterprise


  • Pre-med - Univ. of Mississippi
  • Medical School - University of the South, Sewanee, TN


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Klingon (enough to really get his ass kicked)

Previous AssignmentsEdit

  • USS Farragut (3-four week rotations during the Academy)
  • USS Enterprise

Played by: Leeranii

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