Dr Helen Noel is the Ship's Counsellor and Psychologist for the Federation ship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. She is a native of the planet Betazed.

Early HistoryEdit

The product of one of the first recorded unions between human and betazoid Helen was born on her mother's native world. Her father served as a member of the Federation diplomatic mission that was dispatched to Betazed shortly after first contact to begin formal relationship with the peaceful and advanced world. Early in the negotiations Richard met Yasmine Amamnine who was acting as an assistant to one of the Betazoid diplomats. The pair developed a deep bond and were married within a year, Helen was born a year and a half later.

Helen experienced the normal childhood for a betazoid girl, though perhaps with some greater scrutiny given that she was among the first hybrids. Her native Betazoid gifts developed at adolescence though they were weaker initially then a full Betazoid the initial generation of hybrids received extensive and rigorous training with their abilities to the point that they are only slightly weaker then that of a full blooded Betazoid.


Helen's interaction with Starfleet and Federation personal through her father caused her to develop a curiosity for what was beyond the sphere of her native planet. With the emergence of her psionic abilities this curiosity became a fascinated with the workings of the psyche of various species she encountered.

When it came time to attend University Helen requested admission to Starfleet Academy. Starfleet granted the request in part to further Federation Betazoid relationship. Helen graduated from the Academy and then did her post graduate work on Earth to receive a doctorate in Xeno-Psychology. She was then assigned to the Enterprise.


Her status as being part of the first generation of human betazoid hybrids has lead to Helen being scrutinized scientifically and socially this scrutiny has lead her to have a strong desire to please those around her and live up to the standards set for her by others. Helen, thanks to her father is more diplomatic then most betazoids when it comes to their trade mark blunt honesty. Her human heritage makes it easier for her to understand how offense can be taken when none was intended by psi blind species.

Vital Statistics Edit

Age: 26

Height: 5'8

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blonde

Place of Birth: Betazed

Species: Betazed


  • Richard Noel (Father, Member of Federation Diplomatic Corps)
  • Yasmine Amanine (Mother, Betazoid)
  • Donald Noel (Younger brother)

Any distinguishing marks?

Professional Occupation: Xeno Psychologist, Counselor in Star Fleet assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise

Training and EducationEdit

  • Telepathic Training
    • Helen received extensive training in her native Betazoid abilities refining them to the point of being on par with the average Betazoid in most aspects.
    • Helen is adept at Empathy capable of both reading and projecting emotion. Intense negative emotions can have a physiological effect on her.
    • Helen's telepathy is weaker then her Empathy she can read some thoughts at a distant but only the most intense or focused thoughts come through with clarity. Physical contact greatly increases her ability to read another's thoughts and penetrate deeper into their psyche
    • She is capable of projecting thoughts for communication purposes with most mind
    • The closer the personal relationship she has with and individual the better chance there is of her picking up the thoughts that they might project at her.
    • Her telepathy is far to weak for her to control another beings mind.
  • Graduate of Star Fleet Academy
  • PhD in Xeno Psychology

Played by Eva

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