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Emma Cathleen Allen

Lt. Emma Cathleen Allen is a graduate of Starfleet Medical currently serving on board the United Federation starship NCC-1701 Enterprise.


Emma was born in Armstrong City to Kenneth and Sally Allen. Her father taught Social Studies and her mother worked as a Nurse-Midwife in the local hospital. She would often take little Emma with her on house calls and the little girl would sometimes tag along when her mother went to deliver a baby – always waiting in the next room until she was old enough to actually help.

When she was 14 she helped deliver her twin younger brothers and she knew that from then on, that is what she wanted to do – help women and babies. After High School she entered Armstrong City University and graduated from the combined Bachelors/Master’s program with a degree in Nursing – specializing in Women’s Health. She graduated in the top 20th percentile of her class.

After traveling around the Earth and Luna working in women’s clinics all over; Emma was in San Francisco and wandered past a Starfleet recruiting booth. Prone to impulsive decisions, she signed up and was on her way to the Academy.

At Starfleet Medical Emma trained as a Nurse-Midwife, played trumpet in the school band, played rugby, and made many close friends. She was assigned to the USS Enterprise.

Emma has never really had a serious romantic relationship. She spent so much time studying, doing extra-curricular activities, and traveling she never really had time.


Bright, bubbly, perky, spacey, quirky, friendly, and a little off have all been tossed around as description of the pixie like Emma. Emma is everyone’s friend and always tries to see the good in people. She has an open personality and makes friends easily.

Emma can best be described as “a little out there.” Her personality is a little quirky and she tends to say and do odd things but it never affects her duties as a nurse or her patients care. Her attempts at flirting are always abysmal failures so she does not even try. However, she is sometimes so friendly people make the mistake of thinking she is flirting with them.

Emma is also very sensitive and easily hurt. She tries to mask it and for the most part, she does a good job. However she carries the hurt with her, never really letting it go. She holds her emotions in and is prone to crying jags in private – her favorites place being the shower.

Emma is a happy person with a few chinks in her armor. She faces every day with a smile and always hopes for the best.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Name: Emma Cathleen Allen

Age: 27

Hair: Dark Auburn in a Pixie cut.

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’

POB: Armstrong City, Luna

Race/Species: Human

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo on left shoulder of a dragonfly. Very thin/delicate eyebrows and wears a lot of makeup. Perhaps not a mark per say…but Emma has a high/squeky voice that gives her a childlike air.

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Nurse (trained as Nurse-Midwife/Specialist in Women’s Health)

Assignment: USS Enterprise


  • Armstrong City University – Bachelors/Masters of Science in Nursing (Specializing in Women’s Health)
  • Star Fleet Academy Medical: Nurse-Midwife Certification


  • English
  • A little French, Spanish, and Orion.

Previous Assignment:

Worked as a traveling nurse all over the Earth. Enterprise is her first assignment as a Starfleet Office

Family History

  • Father: Kenneth Allen (Teacher)
  • Mother: Sally Allen (Nurse-Midwife)
  • Bothers: Peter and Paul Allen (7th graders)

Played by Nichi

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