Ensign Jana Haines is a junior member of the Engineering Department on board the Federation starship USS Enterprise, NCC 1701.

Early HistoryEdit

The daughter of a Starfleet Chief of Medicine on Starbase 11, Jana Kimiyo Haines grew up never considering any future that did not involve Starfleet. Her father, Henry Haines served on Starbase 11 as its Chief Medical Officer for most of her life. Her mother, Tamilyn was part of the Meteorology team studying climatic conditions on the planetoid that the base was located, near Gamma Canaris. With her two brothers, Tom and Michael, Jana grew up in a happy and loving environment, even if their parents did push them at times to excel academically. Despite the wish to have all their children join Starfleet, only Jana tendered her application to Starfleet while her elder brothers chose other paths.


Like most cadets who majored in Sciences Jana excelled under the tutelage of Commander Spock and was recommended to serve on board the USS Enterprise. Subsequently, Jana was part of the crew when fellow senior cadet James Kirk assumed command and defeated the war criminal Nero. In the light of Starfleet's decision to allow the young crew to remain on board following this incident, Jana has found herself permanently assigned to the Enterprise while still carrying out her course requirements for Academy graduation. However, since coming on board, she has also found she enjoys working in Engineering.


Sweet, somewhat shy and preferring to fade into the background. Jana is uncomfortable in the limelight and is something of a quiet achiever. She gives Commander Spock no reason to fault her work and is more than ready to volunteer for more if necessary. Jana is forthright and sincere and looks to Mr. Spock as something of a role model. She thinks Mr. Spock's relationship with Lt. Uhura to be terribly romantic.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 5'4

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Starbase 11, Gamma Canaris

Distinguishing marks? Birthmark on her right...Hey! None of your business!

Race/ Species: Human


  • Henry (father)
  • Tamilyn (mother)
  • Tom & Michael (brothers)


Rank: Ensign

Position: Junior science/engineering officer

Assignment: USS Enterprise -Science officer junior grade


Starfleet Academy

Played by Scribe

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