Ensign Pavel Chekov is the Navigator on board the Federation starship USS Enterprise, NCC 1701.

Early HistoryEdit

From an early age, Pavel knew he wished for two things: A brother or sister and to go to the Starfleet Academy. As his parents were unbending on having more children, Pavel's efforts day dreamed on the latter. Travel and exploration appealed to his inquisitive nature, sense of order and imagination. Creativity served to stand him apart from his peers to gain exposure for consideration at the Academy. Science was another interest of his, although Pavel's honor marks were earned in linear and non-linear equations, propulsion with distance configuration exercises and execution of enhanced problem solving sequences.

The AcademyEdit

Pegged in primary and secondary school as a 'Whiz Kid', Pavel tested out of his last years' schooling in order to prepare for acceptance with his dream: Starfleet Academy. His motivation for school, excellent marks, maturity and dedication scored Pavel the opportunity to take an early aptitude test, placing him as a near spot on match for learning starship navigation. His parents were very supportive of his desires and proud of his successes; Pavel's teachers encouraged his 'think out of the box' methods of creativity.

In his second year at the Academy, Pavel dated a newcomer cadet and for two years they had an 'on again - off again' relationship. In the end, the whimsical Irina and school driven Pavel were not meant to be and agreed to part ways when she dropped out his senior year. Not one to dwell on unpleasantries, he cut his losses and put full focus into his finals, achieving near flawless marks. His senior paper on Transport Variables within Fixed Velocity was praised by many for it's sound theory and thorough calculations, even if deemed impractical for actual use.


After a large graduation party thrown by his parents, Pavel's real gift was to travel the world with two of his recent grad buddies. He loved seeing as much of Earth as he could before leaving his home planet. After the fun was over, thanks to teacher letters of recommendation, Pavel took on the earned position aboard USS Enterprise. Like many assigned to the coveted starship, Pavel felt it was a dream come true to be rank Ensign serving as a navigational officer. The first mission to Vulcan left him tasting extreme success and, like most of his crewmates, overwhelming failure. His immediate superiors have taught him that everyone learns from experience, no matter how hard the lessons. More than ever, he is determined to do a good-to-great job in his navigation position. Self-pressure (always a positive attribute) has helped and Pavel secretly prides himself on this. The Russian fortitude.


Good natured, respectful and a jovial young man, Pavel is easy to make friends with his teammate/crew members and enjoys sharing his off-whack humor. In many ways his learnings has him wise beyond his years but all one has to do is look into that young face to remember he's seventeen. There is much Pavel has seen in the short time he has served aboard the Enterprise and quick acceptance of leadership without questioning is both a strength and an opportunity area for growth. In time, he will learn to recognize the value this self-awareness can bring.

Quirks & FlawsEdit

  • Can be hot headed
  • Enjoys sharing knowledge
  • Prefers rye "bread-wine" (vodka) to wheat
  • Likes to intermix a bit of his language in with his English
  • Blows off steam through childish pranks he loves to pull on friends
  • Despite his age, can hold his own in shot drinking contests and often ends up the victor
  • Credits various historical & literature events as spin-offs of Russian origin, regardless of logic or fact

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 1.75 meters

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey

Age: 17,8

Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia

Species: Human

Distinguishing marks: None, however if allowed to grow, hair is extremely curly


  • Andrei Alexeievitch Chekov - father
  • Liubov Vasilievna Chekov - mother
  • No siblings


Rank: Ensign

Position: Navigator


  • Starfleet Service - 656-5827D
  • USS Enterprise - Navigator and Relief Science Officer


  • Early graduate of secondary school in Russia
  • Starfleet Academy Graduate (2254 - 2258)


  • Accommodation Award (2258 - Creativity under Duress)


  • Russian
  • Latvian
  • English

Played by: OPEN

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