Lt. Commander Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott is the Chief Engineer of the Federation starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.

Early HistoryEdit

Born in 2222 to parents David and Fiona Scott, Montgomery Scott grew up tinkering. Whether his father's car needed a tune-up or his sister's personal music player was on the fritz, he was right there, figuring out how to fix it. Growing up in Linlithgow was a slow process for the two Scott children, both being rather vibrant and creative children. Pranks abounded in the Scott household.

At age 16, Montgomery fell hopelessly in love with a woman five years his senior, who let him believe he was the only one for her. She left him for a newly minted starfleet officer without a backward glance. Montgomery was heartbroken, becoming quiet and morose until his sister could no longer stand it. Standing on her tiptoes, Mary punched him full in the nose, knocking her taller brother flat.

Montgomery never thanked her for her not so subtle wakeup call.


Montgomery (or Scotty to his friends) attended Starfleet Academy, where he excelled in his classes, particularly in Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, and Relativistic Mechanics. Graduating at the top of his class, this honor was revoked when it was found that he and a friend had rigged the simulators to run a classic video game involving a small furry creature that leapt from cube to cube, rather than run the final exam everyone had prepared for. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Admiral Jonathan Archer took him under his wing and made him his aide for his Advanced Relativistic Mechanics course, in addition to giving him a stipend to continue work on his theory of transwarp beaming.

Applying himself diligently to his new assignment, Scotty also took time for himself, often going back to his roots. Pub crawls in Aberdeen, a new set of bagpipes to wail on, and fine bottles of Scotch were synonymous with the Scot. It was with one too many drinks and that knowledge that "this has to work!" that Montgomery Scott decided to test a theory on a live subject...Admiral Archer's prize beagle. The dog never arrived at its destination. Scott was given a post at Delta Vega, a planet little more than a large ball of ice.

Exile and EnterpriseEdit

Secure in the knowledge that this transfer was a direct punishment for losing the Admiral's dog, Scotty remained at the post for over six months with no company other than his assistant, an alien named Keenser. He became fond of his diminutive assistant, despite Keenser's annoying habit of climbing on things. The two remained at Delta Vega until Jim Kirk and an old Vulcan named Spock turned up, giving him the most outlandish story about the future. Scotty scoffed, until Spock showed him the finished formula for transwarp beaming that his future self would perfect. Of course, you had to account for the movement of space. Leaving Keenser with Spock, Scotty beamed to the Enterprise with Kirk, haplessly beaming straight into the Inert Reactant system and almost drowning before Kirk could get him out.

After Kirk assumed command of the Enterprise, Scotty took over the ship's transporters, beaming Kirk and Spock to the Narada, albeit to a highly populated location on the enemy ship, rather than the empty cargo bay he was trying for. He then beamed Spock, Kirk, and Captain Pike back to the Enterprise, in an unprecedented transport from two different locations to a single transporter pad. Almost immediately after, he saved the ship by ejecting the engine cores into the black hole anomaly created by the explosion of red matter on board Spock's ship the Jellyfish. The backlash from the core explosion carried the Enterprise far enough away that the ship could escape the gravitational pull from the anomaly.

As the Enterprise's chief engineer had been killed in action, Scotty was promoted to Chief Engineer, where he remained when the ship began her first five year mission.


Scotty is a good friend, when you've earned it. A bit of a cynic, if something can be proven to him, he is more than willing to take the idea and run with it. A typically cheerful individual, when pushed, his hereditary temper, stubbornness, and determination will win out. He is somewhat of a rebellious sort, having little compunction with breaking the rules to achieve his goals. This has landed him in trouble in more than one occasion. Though he still has a tendency to fall into doomed relationships and become a bit despondent at their closure, he does bounce back faster than in his youth.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 5' 10"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Age: 36

Place of Birth: Linlithgow, Scotland

Race/ Species: human

Distinguishing marks? Scars across the knuckles of his right hand, though from an engineering accident or a bar fight remains a mystery.


Rank: Lt. Commander

Position: Chief Engineer

Assignment: USS Enterprise NCC-1701


  • Starfleet Academy Graduate, 2243, 1st in class, later revoked due to disciplinary action
  • Theorized and then developed transwarp beaming technology.


  • English
  • Gaelic

Previous AssignmentsEdit

  • Academy Aide, Admiral Archer's "Advanced Relativistic Mechanics" course
  • Federation Outpost Delta Vega

Played By Scribe

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