Lieutenant Nyota Uhura is the Chief Communications Officer on board the Federation starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.

Early HistoryEdit

Born in the United States of Africa (Eastern Africa - Kenya to be precise), to Alhamisi Uhura, a Starfleet officer and M'Umbha Mahia Uhura; Nyota Uhura was raised with the notion that she could be whatever she wanted in life and that through hard work and dedication she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. From a very early age she decided she wanted to join Starfleet, like her father. She always had a gift for languages, picking up new ones with ease, which made picking a course of study a breeze.


Uhura enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2254, with a focus in xenolinguistics, tracking towards becoming a communications officer (ideally on the yet to be completed flagship the Enterprise). She excelled at the academy, winning glowing praises from each of her instructors and eventually becoming the academy aide for Advanced Phonology and Advanced Acoustical Engineering courses.

She served as comms officer during fellow cadet James T. Kirk's third re-take of the Kobayashi Maru - and attended the subsequent hearing when he was found to have cheated to win the test. When the distress call came from Vulcan, Uhura was originally assigned to the USS Farragut - Commander Spock's attempt at not showing favoritism due to their relationship. After reasserting her skills and her wish to serve onboard the Enterprise he shifted her over, a move that saved her life when the Farragut was destroyed with the rest of the fleet and perhaps (arguably) his own life as well when Uhura aided Kirk in warning Captain Pike that they could be flying into a trap set by the Romulans.


Pike promoted her to chief communications officer when she (unlike Lt. Hawkins) expressed not only the ability to differentiate between Vulcan and Romulan transmissions, but also fluency in all three Romulan tongues. She carried out her duties to the fullest extent of her abilities for the remainder of the crisis and stayed on when Kirk was officially promoted to Captain and the Enterprise set forth on her next mission.


Self assured and confident, Uhura is a young woman that isn't afraid to state her mind and questions others. She is calm under pressure, but can be a little condescending at times if someone gets on her nerves long enough - it's something she's working on. Dedicated to first her schooling and now her job, she can come across as a little serious to some, but she is very warm and open with her friends. Though the privilege of calling her by her first name is something you have to earn.

She is also an accomplished singer (she held the position of Vice President of Starfleet Academy's Chorale Ensemble) and a fairly decent mimic.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 5'7"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing marks? None

Age: early 20's

Place of Birth: Earth - Eastern Africa

Race/ Species: Human


Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Chief Communications Officer

Assignment: USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Qualifications: Starfleet Academy Graduate

Languages: Fluent in over 83% of official Federation languages and regional dialects.

Played by Prentis

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