Lt. Tarquin Sanders aka The Honourable Tarquin Sanders aka Quinn is a Security Officer on board the Federation starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.

Early HistoryEdit

Quin would appear to have a very privileged background. As a member of the British aristocracy his upbringing was typical of a child belonging to a wealthy family. He attended prep school and then was sent to Harrow public school following in the footsteps of his four elder brothers. Being the youngest in the family meant that he very quickly learned to defend himself against his brother's teasing. He was small for his age but made up for his lack of size with his determination to win at all costs.

He excelled at sport at school especially cricket and swimming gaining many medals and trophies. He was accepted by Cambridge University to read theology with the intention of becoming a minister. A chance encounter with an old friend changed his entire outlook on his career choice. Quin been interested in space exploration from a very young age and listening to his friend's stories about the academy made him think about joining Starfleet.

His parents were disappointed but knowing how stubborn Quin could be decided to give him their blessing.

Originally expressing a desire to become a pilot Quin changed his mind and opted for security instead. He excelled in his chosen specialty and graduated in the top five of his year.

Quin continues to enjoy sporting activities and his time at the Academy introduced him to baseball. He is a deadly accurate pitcher.

He also has a quieter side and likes to read and listen to music. He plays guitar reasonably well and the oboe badly. His roommate at the academy likened his playing to a 'cow in labour'.

He loves animals and misses his English Springer Spaniel dog more than he misses the rest of his family. He enjoys female company but has no intentions of getting serious.


Optimistic and easy-going Quin does have a dark side. Bigotry or racism of any kind makes him angry and he is likely to hit first and thing about it afterwards. He has learned to control his temper something he found very difficult at first.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 5' 6"

Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue

Age: 22

Place of Birth: London England

Distinguishing marks: Starfleet badge tattoo on left buttock (Don't ask)

Race/ Species: Human


  • Lord Thomas Sanders (Law Lord British Justice System)
  • Lady Delia Sanders
  • Peter, Simon, Marcus and Harry (brothers)


Rank: Lt JG

Position: Security Officer

Assignment: USS Enterprise - Security


  • Graduate of Starfleet Academy
  • Starfleet Security and Tactical Training
  • Marksman
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Covert Operations

Played by Brit

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