Lt. Haley Sunee is the Chief Security Officer on board the Federation starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.


Early HistoryEdit

Haley Sunee was born in Miami, Florida in 2229. The only child of Jun and Liliana Sunee, she was raised in a fairly quiet neighborhood. Her father was a martial arts instructor, her mother taught yoga. She learned both disciplines from an early age.

Growing up, she was fairly shy. Despite being a highly skilled martial artist, she rarely sought out confrontations. On the rare occasion someone got her to fight...they instantly regretted their decision. In high school, she often stuck up for kids who were picked on by bullies. This may have influenced her decision to join Starfleet Academy after graduation.

Starfleet and USS ConcordEdit

At the Academy, she chose Security as her major. Her sophomore year was marred by personal tragedy. Both of her parents died in a boating accident off the coast of Florida. Despite the loss, Haley returned to the Academy and completed her training. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class, and was assigned as a Security Officer to the USS Concord.

Her assignment aboard the Concord was a fairly nondescript one. That was...until a fateful day in 2255. The Concord had been on a routine patrol near Klingon space. They received a distress call from a damaged freighter that had drifted into the Klingon's territory. Upon arriving, the ship was surrounded by three Klingon Birds of Prey. Despite declarations that they were only there to rescue the damaged Federation vessel, the freighter and the Concord were attacked by the Klingons. The freighter was destroyed in the assault. The Concord barely managed to return to Federation space. During the attack, Haley had been on duty. One of the decks suffered severe ruptures to several systems. Ignoring the potential risk, Haley ran into the area and managed to rescue eight crew members before finally succumbing to near-fatal injuries.

The Concord was met by two other Starfleet ships to render aid. Haley was beamed to the Sickbay of the USS Thomas Jefferson. She was stabilized and taken to Starbase 113 for emergency surgery. After three days of intensive work, the young woman was finally out of harm. However...the battle had taken a severe toll on her body. Her right arm and leg, left hand, left leg from the knee down, both lungs, and her right eye had to be replaced by cybernetic implants. The surgery left Haley severely scarred. She had to undergo months of intensive physical and psychological therapy before she was determined fit to resume duty.

Active Duty AgainEdit

Returning to Earth, Haley became a martial arts instructor at Starfleet Academy. She was awarded both a Purple Heart and Medal Of Valor for her actions aboard the Concord. After a brief stint as instructor, she was recommended for the post of Security Chief aboard the USS Enterprise.


Haley is the picture of professionalism on duty. She carries herself with poise, and has an aura of authority about her. While she is not a violent individual, she is more than capable of defending herself. She will exhaust every option before resorting to violence to solve a problem. Off-duty, Haley is still painfully shy. She avoids social situations if possible, now more than ever due to her extensive scarring. She is loyal to those who she does call friends.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 5'10

Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights (shoulder length, wavy)

Eyes: Hazel

Distinguishing Marks: Multiple scars on the majority of her body

Age: 29

Place Of Birth: Miami, Florida, Earth

Species: Human


  • Liliana Sunee - Mother (deceased)
  • Jun Sunee - Father (deceased)

Medical ProfileEdit

Haley's cybernetic implants do not grant her increased physical abilities. They merely function as her normal limbs would. She does suffer from bouts of "phantom pain" from her lost limbs. While this pain could be treated with medicine, she refuses to use that route. Instead, she chooses meditation to combat the pain.


Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Chief Security Officer

Assignment: USS Enterprise NCC-1701


  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
  • Martial Arts (holds belts in jiu-jitsu, Shaolin kung fu, Taekwondo, Ninjutsu, Muay Thai, and Hapkido)
  • Hard body training (training technique in martial arts where the body is made stronger by repetitive striking of harder objects).
  • Graduate - Starfleet Academy (2251)
  • Expertise in security operations, hand-to-hand combat/martial arts, weapons, military police protocols


  • Dutch
  • Korean
  • Some Klingon


  • Medal Of Valor (Act of Personal Bravery) - 2255
  • Purple Heart (Wounded In Battle) - 2255

Previous AssignmentsEdit

  • USS Concord - 2251 to 2255
  • Starfleet Academy (Assistant Instructor, 2257 - 2258)

Played by Darrin

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