Lt Maximos Bacenor is the Assistant Chief Engineer of the Federation starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.


Born on a system or two away, Maximos was the youngest brother of two older sisters. The Bacenor lineage is Starfleet, so it was no surprise when their three children grew up to work on Starships. Besides Starfleet, the Bacenor's are proud of their ancestry which is Earth Greek in origin. Althaia, Katana and Maximos were taught to learn the language as kids but they rarely speak it as adults. They can read the language, as often their mother writes to them in poor attempt to keep them active. Greek ways are male dominated ways where his ancestry and father instilled this in Maximos as a youth. He is proud of that trait and has no qualms bragging to his buddies about conquests. His transition to 'space mechanic' was not very hard considering the trade he was taught on Altair (Agis' is a 'fixer'). Maximos truly follows in his father's footsteps in many different ways.


Outspoken, outgoing and friendly, Maximos is a true guy's guy and watches out for his workmates. While on the job, he gets done what he needs to and will go out of his way for his superiors. Growing up with two older, strong Type A sisters, Maximos likes to get the better of women in the workplace and in the bedroom. He doesn't believe in long term relationships but doesn't mind giving girls a chance to change him. The more repeated hits in the sack he can get, the better.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Height: 5' 7"

Hair: Dirty Blond

Eyes: Blue

Age: 21

Place of Birth: Altair System

Species: Human

Distinguishing Marks: Mole on left side of his face


  • Agis & Zoe Bacenor - parents
  • Althaia & Katana Bacenor - sisters


Rank: Lt

Position: Engineering

Qualifications: Starfleet Academy Graduate (2251 - 2255)

NPC Played by: Fatey

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