Nurse Christine Chapel is the Head Nurse on board the Federation starship, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.

Early HistoryEdit

Christine was raised by parents who very much believed in old Southern traditions, even if it was the 23rd century. As a child, it was clear to her that her parent's ambitions for Christine involved marrying well. While she gave her the best education that money could buy, Christine was not encouraged to pursue a career. She went to finishing schools and heard endless lectures about how young ladies should behaved. The only past time that met with her parents approval was her love of ballet.

In her youth, Christine had hoped to become a ballet dancer but despite devoting all the necessary times, forgoing much of a childhood to attain this dream, by the time she was sixteen years old it was clear that while she had the drive, she didn't have the 'x' factor that would make her a great dancer. When an audition at a state dance company ended with Christine being told she would always be mediocre but never great, Christine was crushed. She spent the next year in a state of restless uncertainty until she met Roger Corby. Roger was the son of one of her mother's society friends and Christine was not happy to be fixed up in one of the numerous attempts to introduce her to a 'nice' boy.

Starfleet MedicalEdit

However, Roger who was apart of Starfleet Medical was charming, sweet and funny. Christine fell for him almost immediately. Roger convinced Christine that even if she couldn't dance, she had more to offer the world. Deciding that if she couldn't pursue her life's dream of being a ballet dancer for the Bolshoi Ballet, she would help Roger in his work by becoming a nurse. Thus, she joined Starfleet Medical Nursing Academy.

Roger's disappearanceEdit

During this time, Roger was sent on an expedition to Exo III, however, due to an accident on the ship, it was destroyed and all hands on board were lost. Devastated by his death, Christine took Roger's advice to continue with her studies, graduating in the 98th percentile of her class, with degrees in bioresearch, medical archeology, and endocrinology.

Following her graduation, she was assigned to the USS Enterprise as part of Dr. Leonard McCoy's medical staff.


Christine is devoted, professional and compassionate. She has taken the disappointments of her life and decided to let it strengthen her as a person, refusing to let her spirit be broken. As a nurse, she has found new purpose in her life and though she is sad that she'll never be the dancer she wants, she is philosophical about the path taken since. She grieves in private and often takes solace in dancing her signature piece 'The Swan' the same as her idol Anna Pavlova, Always poised and elegant, Christine has a kind heart and a poetic soul.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 24

Height: 5'8”

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana - Earth

Species: Human


  • Lauren - Mother
  • Patterson - Father

Any distinguishing marks? None

Professional Occupation: Nurse

Training & EducationEdit

  • Lancaster Academy of De Paul
  • Academy of Classical Ballet
  • Starfleet Medical Nursing Academy

Played by Scribe

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