• All players must be over the age of 18. This is an adult list.
  • Knowledge of Star Trek (2009 film) is required.
  • Audition posts will be required in the character you are playing.
  • Previous RPG experience is required.
  • All members will have 14 days from the period of joining to create and submit a bio for an active character. All members of Redux will be active players.
  • Although this is a reboot, some measure of respect to the continuity of Star Trek will be observed.
  • A minimum of two post per week is required from each player character.

Original Character CreationEdit

  • Unless specified by the GM, all characters will begin at the rank of Ensign or 2nd. Lt.
  • No omnipotent characters (i.e. Trelane or Q). These characters will only appear in a plot arcs devised by the GM and will not be permanent.
  • Unless established by the creators of Star Trek, there will be no characters related to any of the canon characters.
  • Players can play multiple characters canon or non-canon if approved and approval will be based on frequency of posting.
  • If you're crew, please remember that being the ship's nurse does not mean that you can fix the warp core in the next post. Consistency in character roles please.
  • Non Player Characters (NPC) will be added to the database on the Yahoo list so that they can be recurring and utilized by other players with permissions of the original creator. The NCC-1701 only has room for 400 crew men.
  • If a player departs a game, then the List Owner reserves the right to keep the character in the RPG as an NPC or distribute it to another player.

Posting GuidelinesEdit

  • Do not affect permanently any character that is not yours without the expressed permission of its player.
  • Do not write for any character that does not belong to you without their expressed permission.
  • If you are driving a thread, do not sequester an active player alone in the scene unless specifically discussed with the GM first.
  • All posts must be written in the third person, past tense. This is not negotiable. It should read like a book.
  • All post should have some modicum of grammatical consistency. We don't expect your posts to be perfect but spelling and formatting, particularly punctuation and paragraph structure is a must.
  • No flaming of any kind, either by players or about other lists. Anyone who is subjected to this kind of abuse - please inform the moderators immediately.
  • If you have a problem with another player, please bring it to the attention of the Moderators.
  • If you are going to be out of contact for more than a week, please let us know.
  • The moderator reserve the right to post for a character that has been abandoned for the purposes of moving the thread.
  • All posts containing sexually explicit or graphic violence WILL be rated accordingly - R, NC17.
  • OOC remarks are to be indicated clearly at the END of the post.
  • All Thread titles MUST have the location, character names and other characters tagged clearly indicated. E.g. Engineer Kirk (tag Spock)
  • This is not a list for people who want to post two or three lines. If you need to write dialogue, please find the player you are writing with and do a joint post.
  • Internal tags (meaning tag requiring other players to insert their responses into an already prepared body of text you have written) is prohibited. This kind of behaviour is writing for other peoples characters and wont be tolerated.
  • Having a signature for your character at the bottom of your post wouldn't go amiss either. Something like rank/title (if applicable), full name, assignment, location.
  • If you have a plot or arc you wish to introduce, by all means suggest it to the Moderators and we will try and incorporate it into the story. Do not simply introduce it because this could throw off someone else's arc. Talk to us first and let us coordinate the best way to introduce it.
  • When posting a reply to another tag, please include no more than the last paragraph of the post you are answering to. It is not necessary to paste/keep the entire thing before inserting your own response. The only exception to this rule is if the particular thread has gone stagnant or that you, as one the players involved, have not posted in a long time. Then the storyline might need to be refreshed in the minds of readers and we would allow it.
  • Post which are solely for character development only with no relation to any major plot thread will have this attached in the main subject heading - CD: character development
  • While we strongly recommend that all posts be read because CDs give you an idea of the characters you may be interacting with in future, we understand that time can be a limiting factor to some players. However if your character is interacting with the characters in the CDs then you should be reading them.
  • Posts that take place prior to the current time will be labelled - BP: Back Posts
  • Post that combined both elements will be called CD/BP.
  • We will be operating on a time blocks of Morning Afternoon Evening - Night.

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