Welcome to Star Trek: New Destiny

This is a Play by Email Role Playing Game (PBEM RPG) based on the feature film by JJ Abrams Star Trek.

There is something venerated about the original crew of Star Trek which makes role players somewhat cautious about stepping into the shoes of these beloved characters. In the new film, we see the crew of the Enterprise like we've never seen them before and following the events of the NCC-1701's first voyage, we are now left with an entirely new reality where anything can happen.

This RPG will be delving into elements from the original five year mission however, this is a new timeline and things may unfold a little a bit differently to what we remember.

Interspersed with these will be new adventures and characters, which we hope will provide for some good story telling. As we are playing Trek in the 23rd century, there will be the obvious deference to using any characters or races that are chronologically inaccurate with the time frame. I.e. the Borg are not going to show up suddenly - well not without good reason anyway.

The purpose here is to tell good stories and have fun doing it.

So join us on New Destiny and we'll begin journey with the USS Enterprise, where everything every thing old is very new again.

Let the adventure begin.

If interested in joining please come visit at us a our Yahoo group site.

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